the life of Henry.


confession, I don’t really like some of the old cartoon network shows that lots of other 90’s kids like, the reason i watched a lot of those shows were because i was too lazy the flip the channel and i couldn’t watch the shows i wanted to watch online. I didn’t really like Ed, Edd’n Eddy, and The Powerpuff girls.

another confession

I have never watched Sherlock, Doctor Who, or Game of Thrones, nor do I have any interest in watching them

Anonymous asked: your story was cute and nice :)

why thank you

Date with a celeb, (fictitious story)

 can you guess who the celeb is?

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well i written another story, thank you annon for giving me the thought of writing another story in my head. It actually was quite difficult trying to think, what to write about.

Anonymous asked: write another story

i could but i really don’t know what to write about

Anonymous asked: do you follow everyone back?

no not really

Anonymous asked: you should really go back to reblogging and posting whatever you like and not worry how people would think about you

i guess that would be nice, honestly i don’t get many asks anyway so its not like a bad 1st impression on here really matters after all

Anonymous asked: do you talk to a lot of people on tumblr?

honestly not really, i talk to only a few people on tumblr, most people i don’t send asks or fan mail

Anonymous asked: so what did you do today?

i played saints row 4 as well as watch a bunch of youtube videos, so not much out of the usual

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